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  • Allergy-friendly Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

    While I'd probably not go for a pumpkin-anything any other time of the year, all is forgiven in fall. This Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin is really easy to make. All I did was add a dash of pumpkin puree into Cherrybrook Kitchen's allergy-friendly chocolate chip muffin batter and that's it.
  • Easy Breakfast Corn Cakes

    Corn cakes or Johnnycakes, as they're also called,  have been synonymous with the traditional New England breakfast. Combining the fluffiness of cornbread with the airiness of pancakes, corn cakes are an interesting twist on a breakfast staple.

    These corn cakes are made with European Gourmet Bakery Organic Corn Muffin Mix to give them an authentic flavor without any of the effort.

  • Delicious Weightloss Smoothie

    Too many smoothies go overboard on the sugar or dairy, resulting in a tasty calorie bomb. This recipe sidesteps the sneaky calories and adds in the all-natural, energy boosting properties of the Trim Energy Weight Loss Drink Mix to help you burn calories with each sip. Fresh blueberries, avocado and chia seeds take this smoothie to the next level.
  • 3-Step Chocolate Mousse

    Creamy, moist and light, good Chocolate Mousse has a tendency to disappear before you even realize you've been wolfing it down.

    While making chocolate mousse from scratch is great, this version tastes even better with exactly 2 ingredients and 3 simple steps to put it together. We used European Gourmet Bakery's organic vanilla and chocolate puddings for this treat. Why both? Because we couldn't decide which one's yummier!
  • 2-Ingredient Soda Cake

    Cake mixes make baking a cinch for non-cooks like me. But there's a way to make whipping up a moist, delicious cake even easier. All you need is a can of soda and your favorite cake mix. Voila! You're done. We've used European Gourmet Bakery Oganic Vanilla Cake Mix in this recipe to offer a neutral palette for adding in your choice of soda flavor.
  • Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake

    This mug cake takes literally minutes to make and uses just 3 ingredients. You can't ask for an easier dessert. I've used Cherrybrook Kitchen's Gluten-free Chocolate Cake Mix that is vegan, peanut free, nut free and soy free to make this not just a lazy person's favorite, but also perfect for food allergy folk.
  • Vegan Hemp Tofu Tacos

    Who doesn't love a taco? Easy to put together, nutritious, filling and most importantly, delicious! This recipe uses Tempt Hemp Chorizo Hemp Tofu to add an extra Mexican flavor to these already delightful tacos. We'll create the taco "meat" here, which can be used inside any taco, burrito or wrap with toppings of your choice.
  • Organic Mexican Chocolate Cake

    The best Mexican chocolate cakes are gooey and chocolatey with a strong streak of cinnamon and the slightest hint of red pepper. This melding together of disparate flavors is what makes this cake so delicious and memorable. Make some memories, with our Organic Chocolate Cake Mix and Organic Chocolate Pudding Mix to help you along!
  • Vegan Spanish Hot Chocolate

    Warm, creamy and rich Spanish Hot Chocolate surprises you with it's thick texture and surprising combination of flavors. We've made this version vegan with Tempt Hemp Vanilla Hemp Milk to add another layer of flavors to this beautiful medley. Serve with a bowl of piping hot churros for the perfect fulfilling snack!
  • Super-quick Allergy-friendly Brownie Waffles

    Combining the gooey-ness of a warm brownie with the crisp edges of a breakfast waffle is an experiment I'd heard of, but never done myself. Since there's no time like the present, here goes. All I can say is, I'm not sharing these yummy, chocolatey (and allergy-friendly) brownie waffles with anyone!
  • Easy Churros from Pancake Mix

    What I love the most about churros is how easy they are to make at home. It's basically fried dough. How hard to cook can that be? Then I discovered this even simpler recipe to make churros straight from Cherrybrook Kitchen's gluten free, vegan and nut freee pancake mix. Just mix, fry and munch!
  • Superfood Energizing Smoothie

    A healthy, satisfying smoothie an essential part of our busy, modern lives. We love this smoothie that uses our Go Greens Original Superfoods drink mix with over 15 organic fruits and vegetables to give you a tasty and convenient food supplement. This smoothie is vegan, gluten-free, organic and allergen-free besides being utterly delicious.