3-Step Chocolate Mousse

3-Step Chocolate MousseMost desserts you see at your local patisserie, all prim and perfect, seem too complicated to ever be made at home. Not so, with the delightfully delicious yet amazingly simple to make, Chocolate Mousse.

Chocolate mousse is the richer cousin of the humble chocolate pudding. Creamy, moist and light, it disappears before you even realize you've been wolfing it down.

While making chocolate mousse from scratch is great, this version tastes even better with exactly two ingredients and three simple steps to put it together. We used European Gourmet Bakery's organic vanilla and chocolate puddings for this treat. Why both? Because we couldn't decide which one's yummier!


Total time   : 10 minutes



  1. MIX - In a large bowl, add the pudding mix and the whipped cream. Whip well till the mixture becomes thick and creamy. 
  2. COOL - Place the mixture in the refrigerator for a little while to cool it down and thicken it further.
  3. WHIP - Whip the cooled mixture once more, to make it even more creamy and light. Garnish with fresh fruit, chocolate sauce or any other toppings of your choice.