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  • Delicious Weightloss Smoothie

    Too many smoothies go overboard on the sugar or dairy, resulting in a tasty calorie bomb. This recipe sidesteps the sneaky calories and adds in the all-natural, energy boosting properties of the Trim Energy Weight Loss Drink Mix to help you burn calories with each sip. Fresh blueberries, avocado and chia seeds take this smoothie to the next level.
  • Organic Mexican Chocolate Cake

    The best Mexican chocolate cakes are gooey and chocolatey with a strong streak of cinnamon and the slightest hint of red pepper. This melding together of disparate flavors is what makes this cake so delicious and memorable. Make some memories, with our Organic Chocolate Cake Mix and Organic Chocolate Pudding Mix to help you along!
  • The Easiest Smoothie Ever - Coconut Blueberry Smoothie with Hemp Milk

    What do you get when you combine two superfoods together? A super smoothie! This blueberry coconut hemp milk smoothie is quick, filling, and nutrition packed. Give it a go for a healthy start to your day!
  • Quick Organic Lemon Cookies

    Baking cookies doesn't have to be hard. Just 4 ingredients and 1 box of European Gourmet Bakery Organic Baking Mix will give you the most delicious, organic lemon cookies you've ever baked. Organic baking doesn't get easier than this!