Tempt Hemp Blondies are a hit for barbecues

A review of our vegan/gluten free blondies by Elaine Sir. Read full review here.

Kiko Alonso From the Miami Dolphins enjoys High Country Kombucha!

Martha Stewart Chooses Tempt Hempmilk

Tempt Hempmilk was recently featured as one of Martha Stewart's top picks for non-dairy milk. See the full list here 

Baking With Cherrybrook Kitchen and Miley Cyrus 

 Thanks for the love Miley!


Tom Brady Enjoys Tempt!

Tom Brady enjoys adding Original Tempt Hempmilk to his smoothy as a part of his morning routine in Episode 3 of Tom VS Time. Watch the full video here.


Cherrybrook Kitchen approved by named Cherrybrook Kitchen in their list of the best snacks for kids with food allergies. See the full list here


Michael Franti reviews High Country Kombucha

Michael Franti (the world’s only self-appointed Kombucha Expert) & Sara Agah Franti bring you their first Kombucha review featuring High Country Kombucha. Watch the full video here


Hemp Super Food featured on Huffington Post

Check out what Huffington Post had to say about superfoods and Tempt Hempmilk!


New Name New Location

Hudson River Foods, formerly Healthy Brands Collective, is pleased to announce a name change to reflect its new headquarters and manufacturing location in the scenic Hudson River Valley, just south of Albany, NY. Read the full press release here