Superfood Energizing Smoothie

Superfood Energizing Smoothie

You don't have to be a fitness freak to enjoy a morning smoothie. If you're a busy working parent, sometimes a smoothie is the only food you have the time to chug down before the clock tells you it's time for lunch.

This reality is what makes a healthy, satisfying smoothie an essential part of our busy, modern lives. Cramming in energy boosting fruits, veggies, minerals and more into your smoothie is a great way of getting your core nutritional requirements all in one gulp. We love this smoothie that uses our Go Greens Original Superfoods drink mix with over 15 organic fruits and vegetables to give you a tasty and convenient food supplement. This smoothie is vegan, gluten-free, organic and allergen-free besides being utterly delicious.



  • BLEND - Add all the ingredients into a blender and blend well till all the fruits and veggies form a smooth mix.
  • POUR - Pour into a tall glass and drink up some veggies!