Simple Food. Radical Healing.

Hudson River Foods is a family of brands creating healthier foods for healthier lifestyles. We make both popular and unique foods that are convenient and more transparent with organic, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, allergen free and superfood options. We create safe alternatives and taste profiles that are both traditional and category game changers.

Packaged foods will never replace fresh, whole foods, but when it comes to convenience, we are dedicated to creating the best options at your fingertips. Our mission is to continue to change things up; ingredients that is. Everyone deserves to eat better - and we're making it easy.

Looking Ahead

We are dedicated to healthier food, for a healthier life and world. As stewards of the land in the Hudson River valley, we are conscious of leaving our footprint better than when we started.

A Better World

Hudson River Foods is committed to providing healthier foods in an environmentally responsible manner. We mark a change in the Hudson River Valley with the cleanest manufacturing operation to sit riverside in centuries and are the first large scale organic food company in the Capital Region of New York.

Where to Find Our Foods

Our family of brands can be found at some of the best grocery stores across North America. We distribute our foods from coast to coast, from our family to yours. 

What our customers have to say

So thankful for safe options for my son. Your products definitely taste the best. 

Patty Terlecky Smith

I just discovered your products! What a hit! My seven year old son had never tasted pancakes before tasting yours....he loved them!

Jennifer Lally Oshinski

The vanilla cake mix is the best ever!!! So dense and rich and not too sweet. My kids love it.

Jennifer Elias Rhodes

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