Our Story

Simple Foods, Radical Healing

Hudson River Foods got its' humble beginnings in 2005 out of Dan & Donna’s kitchen in Weston, Connecticut. But our story began years earlier - in 1987- back before eating well was the cool thing to do.

While the healthy food movement has taken off in the last few years, we were living this life decades before. Not out of trend, but out of necessity.  We made the commitment to make food & lifestyle choices our medicine.

Fast forward...

The company as we know today started in 2005, after Dan's kitchen experiments went unexpectedly right. He was travelling a lot for work, eating fast food - and not taking care of himself. He was crashing.

On a weekend at home Dan found a small tub of Donna’s powdered greens in the back of the fridge, and began adding drinking the mixes in water while holding his nose as to avoid the challenging taste.

He noticed almost immediately that he had more focus, more energy, and deeper sleep.  This excited him.

Dan began his research by buying every powder he can find available on natural market stores.  What he didn't find, were any ready to drink green drinks.  He became fascintated at the idea of creating an off the shelf green drink packed with nutrients that also tasted good. This was the birth of Cellnique Super Green.  The first ready to drink superfood on the market. After a few not so tasty iterations and a lot of experimentation, they knew that Dan was onto something when he could get their kids - ages 13-11-8 -  to drink the samples and like them.  That day was obvious when they all wanted to taste all of the flavor profiles.

This was the birth of Cell-nique Super Green.

Cell-nique was initially aimed towards health-conscious yoga people. Back then, yogis were the leaders in the better for you food movement. Cell-nique was gaining traction at yoga festivals and health food stores from Boston to Philadelphia from the back of the family Suburban. After Cell-nique finally got noticed by a natural products distributor, the 2008 recession hit. And here, our story transforms to what and who we are today.

A Healthier Foods Cooperative 

Dan's past life was in healthcare finance. Part of his focus was integrating sole medical practitioners into a cooperative of medical professionals - sharing admin, offices, billing, etc to share resources and gain momentum during these challenging times.

Dan drew from this concept and began to acquire small brands that weren't able to survive the recession. They started a collective of healthy brands - our previous name was Healthy Brands Collective.

Upon moving from Connecticut to upstate New York on the Hudson River, Healthy Brands Collective became Hudson River Foods.

As for our future… well you’ll just have to stay tuned. Fitting with our rebellious nature, we’re always cooking up something new, and staying at the cutting edge of healthier living.

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