Quick Crepes from Pancake Mix

Crepes from pancake mixWho doesn't love a stack of fluffy pancakes for breakfast? Drenched in syrup, slathered with butter, they're the stuff breakfast fantasies are made of. But as you grow a little older and more worldly-wise, the oh-so-ladi-da crepes make their appearance on the breakfast menu.

There's something about crepes that spells elegance, class and tastebuds that appreciate more than just sugar. The great news is, crepes are super simple to make, needing literally just 3 ingredients. So get adulting with some fancy crepes this weekend, but don't tell anyone your secret crepe hack right here!


Total time: 10 mins  


  1. MIX - Add all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Mix them well together, till the batter is thin and smooth. No lumps please!
  2. HEAT - Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat and grease lightly. Your crepe will be as large as the size of the pan.
  3. COOK - Pour 1/4 cup batter on the pan and move the skillet in a circular and tilting motion to ensure the pan is fully coated with the batter. Allow it to cook till you see the edges turning brown and curling up. Flip over and cook the other side for 15-20 seconds. Take crepe off the pan.
  4. SERVE - Dust the crepe with powdered sugar or cocoa. Serving options include sliced strawberries and bananas, blueberries, topped with vegan whipping cream or maple syrup.